A Backward View :: A Forward Perspective

I found some old pictures today from my baptism back in 2003. They brought back memories from the years that I spent at Southern Wesleyan University and in Clemson, SC. I’m not a huge fan of MySpace, but in recent weeks it seems like everyone from SWU has found me on MySpace.

There is a floodgate of emotions that come with the memories from that chapter of my life. Hell, it was my first two years of college. I remember some nights sitting in my car behind the dorm and calling home, crying because truth be told- I was homesick. Soon that passed and Clemson and my church, Downtown Community Fellowship, became my home. The Lord gave me one of the best jobs I have ever had, Assistant to the Office of Student Life as well as being the Assistant to the University Chaplin, Ken Dill. There was a lot of trust and responsibility bestowed upon me. I was able to use my creative talents for graphic design.

The Lord also blessed me with several mentors. Luke Syfert, a man whose character and integrity continue to inspire and encourage me, mentored me one on one during most of this chapter of life. Seen in the pictures, Luke later baptized me. Evan Hansen also challenged me to dig deeper into the Word and helped me gain a balance between living in the Christian college bubble and the real world. Both men, as well as the community at DCF, challenged me to live in honestly with myself, the Lord and those around me.

This season of my life was a time of brutal honesty. There is truth in Scripture stating that everything will being brought into the light. This took place during my time at DCF. Conversations occurred with my peers, Luke, Evan, Matt Fleming, and other spiritual leaders that would forever change the course of my life. These conversations, as rough as they were in the moment- have helped direct my life to where I am now.

Not sure why I have chosen to be so reminiscent and sappy tonight. Right now spiritually I desire honestly and freedom. Honesty with myself and where I am at now. Point blank: I am not content with where I am at. Spiritually things need to change and I need to get back connected with a church. Tony has been riding my ass the past few weeks wanting me to give The Shack another shot. I think I am going to give in and try it out. We’re going to Morning Star in Charlotte, NC this Friday. I remember my Senior year of High School going to Morning Star every Friday night. The Lord met me there. I pray He will this Friday.

While I enjoy my job, I miss the face to face interaction with people. I feel like I am too outgoing and too creative to be stuck in a cubical on the phone eight hours a day. (Just my opinion.) Maybe it was seeing Rent on Broadway here in Columbia that inspired me to look for a way to be more creative. While I am not ready to quit my job and move to California, I think I need to either start painting, cooking more, or working in my yard— Anything to get my creative juices flowing.

More than anything now, pray for me to be honest with myself and those around me. The Lord is bringing things into alignment and that has been encouraging, but in order for change and good to continue to come, I must be real and intimate with Him and those around me.


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