Sick Day(s)

I went back to work on Monday after being out for about a month after my recent car accident. I think Wachovia’s goal during my sabbatical was to flood my e-mail inbox with work related spam and change all of my passwords into our banking system to random, alpha numeric plus a @, #, $, or ! sign somewhere in the password. Needless to say, all day Monday was spent first trying to actually log into my computer (meaning I was on the phone with someone at Headquarters in Charlotte half the day) or going though and deleting Wachovia spam and replying earth shattering e-mails.

Tuesday I awoke with the flu, thus have been out again all week. Glorious. But not so glorious. Tuesday I spent the day making trips to and from my neighborhood CVS which really, despite the neighborhood, isn’t all that ghetto. $23.44 later I left CVS with a bag full of cough medicines and wonder drugs all making claims to cure me of my runny nose, itchy throat and fever within hours. As appealing as these claims were on the box, they all however were false.

Wednesday I gave in and went to the doctor. It’s not that I hate going to the doctor, it’s more so that I hate paying for it. Granted, it only costs me my $25.00 copay, but still– I am not making the big bucks yet at Wachovia. (Maybe someday when I run the place.) I left with a prescription in hand and the confirmed truth that yes, I in fact had the flu. Off to see my wonderful Target Pharmacist.

I hate being sick. Being sick in elementary school gave you an excuse to stay home and watch cartoons and color in a Care Bears coloring book. As an adult, the thrill of being sick no longer exists. I made my mother proud: I stayed home, in my bed, drank lots of fluids and took my medicine… Probably a bit too much medicine at times.

Today is Sunday and I am still sick. Granted, yes, I am feeling better, but it impossible to be on the phone with customers for 8 hours when you’re coughing like crazy! So, today I shall remain at home, in the bed with hopes of kicking this sick habit once and for all.


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  1. Shannon says:

    James – i am soooo sorry you have been sick. I haven’t been able to read lately, so i didn’t know about the accident. Hope you kick this flu thing and can get back to some semblance of a normal life!
    Shannon Hayes

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