Christmas 2006

Mom and Josh came to Columbia to celebrate Christmas. Three days worth of cleaning prepared the house for them to spend Christmas Eve and most of Christmas day here. (72 hours of cleaning vs. 24 hours of family! All the hard work that goes into entertaining!) I am just grateful that they were willing to come down since I didn’t feel like traveling with my ear and all the crap that went on the week before.

We went to Christmas Eve Service at 11p at Trinity Cathedral in downtown Columbia. It was beautiful. It is the second year I have gone to the Christmas Eve Service. It helps me to completely stop and focus. It was also a great time to look back over the previous year. I remember being in that church on the December 24th 2005. The time, a year to be exact, that has passed between then and now has been full of memories, wars (both overseas and internal), death and new life, celebrations and sorrow. Overall, its been an amazing year. I will write more of a year in review, reflection as we enter 2007. But the service provided a time of reflection and focus. It was also funny to see all of the men (those 25+) dressed in suits and their wives dressed in formal Christmas dresses. I however was there in jeans and a sweater. I was comfortable. I just found it funny that all of these people got all dressed up at 11p to come to church to impress those around them. I guess that is what you do when you go to the same church as the Governor.

So, enough about that. To all of you, MERRY CHRISTMAS. Good night.


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