The Week From Hell

I have officially declared last week “The Week From Hell.” It by far was the worst week I have experienced in 2006. Joyfully, a new year begins in less then a month so soon I can declare another “Week From Hell.” Here is how it went down:

Monday: Driving home on my lunch break I decided to take a different route instead of my normal Greystone, Broad River, Main, Fairfield route. I chose to take Greystone, Broad River, Interstate 20, Monticello Exit, Frontage Road, Fairfield. The problem occurred when I encountered a rather large pothole on Frontage Road. Potholes and going about 45mph don’t mix apparently. I ended up becoming airborne, scaring the shit out of myself, and then somehow in the moment destroying (that was the word used by the Kia Mechanic) the rim and tire the left side of my car. It was bad.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Normal days. Killian didn’t shit in the house while I was at work. That makes any day a great day.

Thursday: Broken window = Burglar. Yeah, someone broke into the house. They went though the back window in Rich’s room. They only stole a $3.00 alarm clock and a jar full of pocket change and lint. Took the Columbia Police over 20 minutes to respond. I think I missed off the cop when I asked him why in the hell it took so long. He said there was an armed robbery currently in progress. Apparently, armed robbery trumps burglary. I think I am going to board up all the windows and get a gun. Seriously.

Friday: Slept late. Painted the mailbox florescent orange so that the police can find the house easier next time. Replaced all of our motion-sensor light bulbs with brighter, 150w bulbs. Burglars beware!

Saturday: Driving in West Columbia on a two lane road, I was struck by a 16 year old female driver who was SPEEDING and CROSSED THE YELLOW LINE, shattering my drivers side mirror. The loud noise from the wreck busted my eardrum. I now can’t hear out of that ear and am expected to be out of work until the first of the year so my ear can heal. When you’re on the phone all day, you have to be able to hear the customers you’re talking to. It’s been fun fighting with insurance companies the past couple of days and going to doctors appointments. A great way to add excitement to the holiday season.

That’s all for now. Here’s to hoping that this week will be much better.


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  1. Janie says:

    Gosh, you never let the folks back home know how bad things really are for you. I really could pray for more protection from God and his ever present angels for you. Hope you also had your car insurance oay on your medical, etc. No, it is not double dipping. The one who misses you the most and loves you the most. Sorry for such a late entry/like a year later. So much for a clear mind now.

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