Life Thus Far

The Girlfriend | That Was
The girlfriend and I are no more. She ended it. Her choice. Bad timing completely. Broke up with me on my lunch break from work. (Needless to say, I took the rest of the night off.) It wasn’t me… It was her… Or so she says. I miss her. I am more so bitter inside. It’s hard being bitter when you more so just miss the other person.

Part of me says to hell with it… I had gone four years single, what’s a few more? I sat around the house for a few days in my underware, eating icecream and smoking cigarettes. At least my dog and my momma still love me. They are the two most important ladies in my life!

Killian | The Yellow Lab
Killian (my Yellow Lab/Boxer Mix puppy) is growing ever so quickly. She is now three months old. She is learning to enjoy baths, Saturday afternoon naps and trips to the park. She also now has mastered coming when being called by her name, sitting when told and is in the final housebreaking stages. She went today for another round of shots and to have her nails cut again. I figured the shots were gonna suck, so I might as well make today royally suck for her and take her to have her nails cut too. She hated it. But, I guess on the up side for her, the employee at the drive-thru at Sonic gave her a bone. Also have a great book recommendation about a yellow lab and her owner’s adventures: Marley & Me
Click here for the book website.

Wachovia | It’s A Job
…Nothing more. The pay is good. The work environment is fine. I am convinced however that Americans suck at balancing a checkbook and keeping track of their finances. I am convinced too that many don’t mind overspending, even if that means being in debt to the bank for doing so. I am about to change my hours at W. Starting October 1st I will be working Sunday though Thursday, 6:15a to 3:15p. Total opposite of what I am working now. Should be a good change though. More “normal” working hours, thus letting me have a more “normal” routine.

Fall | ThePlex | Other Random Stuff
Fall: It’s coming. Pumpkins are appearing. I changed the flowers on the porch to pansies and mums. It’s a tradition. It means cooler nights are coming. Pumpkin Spice Lattes have returned to Starbucks. Sweater weather is right around the corner. Throw another blanket on the bed.

ThePlex: Killed our first mouse the other week. Took us six traps, some old cheese and ripping the kitchen apart, but now he’s dead. I used to think roaches were bad until this (the mouse). Rich and I are probably the best roommates. We can read each other rather well and know what each other is thinking even before it’s spoken. He is also a great spiritual encouragement to me.

New Car: I bought a new car about a month ago. It’s a 2006 Kia Rio. It gets 40+ miles to the gallon. Love the car. Hate the payments.


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