My New Love

Avocado transformed into guacamole. Who knew love could ever taste so good. Who knew that one could fall so madly in love with a fruit. Guacamole. Simply amazing!

Joel has moved out of ThePlex. Mace went with him. He is now living alone in West Columbia, preparing to move into a massive house in Downtown Columbia, much closer to the USC campus. I think it will be a good change for him. It has been a good change for Rich and I as well.

Rich and I repainted most of the house since Joel left. The bathroom is now a deep wine color. The backporch (Rich’s new room) has gone from being Play Dough Blue to a nice, clean Bone White. The kitchen also now has some Bone White accents, instead of the overpowering Burnt Orange it once was. The house looks good. It is warm and welcoming. Martha Stewart would be proud.

I have found my new love of cooking. Stainless steal cookware has helped to renew my love for sauteed veggies. Steaks are still best cooked on the grill. At night, the kitchen at ThePlex becomes full of great food and encouraging conversation.

I now own a kitchen table. I just need chairs to go with it.

I’ve been off from work on Personal Leave since Wednesday. (If you want to know why, ask me in person.) It’s going to be a nice, long weekend. More guacamole and Diet Coke shall be consumed tomorrow.


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  1. Jan says:

    Ole for Guacamole!

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