Work. Sleep. 65lb Greyhound.

Work. Sleep. A 65lb Greyhound. Those three things pretty much keep me busy. Work is going well. Stats were just released yesterday. In sales I am ranking at the top, a Level 5. Calls per hour I am ranking at a level 3. Overall, I am doing damn good for someone in their 2nd month there.

Mace is doing well. Joel and I have learned rather quickly that Mace does things on his own terms. He sleeps when he wants. Eats when he wants. Don’t ask him to play with a toy or bone– he will only do so when he is good and ready. Mace got to take a ride to Wal-Mart tonight. It wore him out. Now he’s napping.

Thinking about how I am going to pay off these student loans. If you are in college now, run like hell from student loans. Repayment is a bitch. I am also thinking about buying a house, but that is at least two years down the road. I need to first figure out if I want to stay in Columbia or move to Charlotte to work for Wachovia. Time will tell.

Spiritual life is shit right now. Reading “To Own a Dragon.” I don’t really want a dragon as a result of my readings, instead I want a Father.

There’s the update for ya. Thanks for reading. Click comment below and give me some motivation to keep posting…. Or for that matter, to keep living.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    James, keep writing. You are loved, friend. Although you may not feel it all the time, don’t doubt it for a second. Life is full of sucky moments, but if we didn’t have the sour, then the sweet wouldn’t be as sweet. (Wow, that sounded hoky! However, it still is true). James, keep posting. Don’t give up.

  2. Jan says:

    James, this is Jan. Keep posting, keep learning and keep living. You are an amazingly creative, sensitive human friend. God has a plan for you, he knows the plan He has to give you a hope and a future, to help you and not harm you. Cut back on the cussing though cause I don’t and Your heavenly Father might not approve.

  3. Penelope says:

    Hey James. Thanks for the student loan advice…but I kind of already have those…

    Hold fast, brother.

    – Taylor.

  4. ~*Becca*~ says:

    James…can I just tell you that I was on my way home from school today and I was thinking of you 🙂 And I love grayhounds 🙂 You make me smile!!

  5. Raiel says:

    I understand wanting a father. One died and one left some damage. Keep moving forward.


  6. amanda says:

    james, check your myspace account and read my message….
    amanda moon

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