40 hours a week.
3p to 12a. | Monday-Friday.
My employment at WACHOVIA has begun.

It’s been a fast paced two weeks. Working everyday has been a change, but training in my new position is going well. I am performing at the top of my class. I am also know as the young buck– more “buck” than young.

I sleep until 1p. Work at 3p. Lunch breaks are an hour long. Being a salaried employee is amazing. Class ends early. We get to go home at 10p instead of 12a. I still get paid like I worked until 12a. AMAZING! My first big boy job is off to a great start. The job pays like a big boy job too!

In other news, we are getting cable and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) here at ThePlex. I hate missing American Idol, Survivor, The Office and coming after the Olympics— The Apprentice. Now I can record them and watch them either on my lunch break or after I get home from work.

Joel and I were approved for the adoption of a Greyhound, but have yet to of been matched. I am now in the process of applying to adopt a Golden Retriever. I simply want a dog.

I have been asked if I miss working at Starbucks. Here is my official reply: Yes. I miss the people and the coffee. I have gone though caffeine withdrawal the past two weeks as my coffee consumption has been reduced from 2 pots a day to just a few cups. I don’t miss the random ass hours or and shitty pay. I woke up and realized I am worth far more than $6.63 an hour. I don’t mean that to be cocky- but simply I have far to much experience in the workplace and in life for me to be working a job that pays crap. The pay is almost triple at Wachovia. The benefits are far better. The schedule is consistent. The paychecks are the same week after week. Do I miss Starbucks? Yes. Do I miss the hassle that came with it? No.

ADDITION: Valentine’s Day was spent alone.


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