Waiting vs. Fighting

I am back in my doubting. Doubting if freedom will come. I think it is easier for me to look at it and think about it that way. Waiting for freedom to come to me.

Yet- I know where I am wrong. I am wrong in the “sit here and wait for freedom to come… FREEDOM TO COME… FREEDOM TO >>COME<<.” I am wrong in thinking that freedom, what I say I crave and so desire, will just come to me.

It is going to require me FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM. I should change my vantage point and say- I AM FIGHTING, AND SOON FREEDOM WILL COME. That is where I want to be. I want to be able to say to GOD.

JOB ALERT: I completed the drug screening, fingerprinting and criminal background check on Friday. I should have an official offer from Wachovia on TUESDAY. If so, I will start work at Wachovia on Monday, February 6th.


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