JOB Switch?

Yes, it could be coming. A major job switch. I am currently in the middle of the interview process with Wachovia. I have passed all of the internet based testing, (math, team-building, and customer relations) and am now waiting to complete my telephone interview. I am applying to work in their Columbia Customer Service Call Center. The hours are Sunday through Thursday, 3p to 12a. The job also comes with not only set hours, but a set salary. Both are good news since random hours and random paycheck seem to continue to plague me at Starbucks.

In comparison to Starbucks, it would be nice to have a job that offers amazing benefits with consistent hours and pay. It would also be nice to make enough money that I would be able to actually put some money into savings. Other than the 10% that is currently taken from my paycheck for stock investment, I have not been able to save since I have been living paycheck to paycheck. Wachovia would allow me to make some extra money and not only enjoy work, but maybe enjoy the simplicity of life more. MORE TO COME LATER.

Joel and I had our Greyhound visit this past Sunday. It was fun to have a greyhound here at ThePlex and see how he behaved in our home. We are probably about a month away from being matched with a dog. The one that we are currently interested in (Mace is his name), will arrive from Florida either late this week or early next week and will be placed at the Women’s Corrections Center here in Columbia for training.

I hurt my wrist at work on Monday. A two gallon coffee urn fell on it while I was emptying it. Had to go to Palmetto Baptist to have it x-rayed and put in a splint. Workers Comp. is paying for it (thankfully!). I have discovered that it is rather hard to make Frappuccinos with with a hurt wrist.

Time for bed. I felt bad having not posted an update in about a week. As always, you can post a comment by clicking below.


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  1. Jan says:

    Which wrist?

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