End of 2005

2005 was an awesome, yet challenging year. Below are a few highlights that come to mind:

[The year I became completely honest.] I was moved by God to become completely honest on several personal struggles in my life. This resulted in some pretty deep conversations with family and friends. I know I am forever changed as a result.

[The year I got Dream Job #1.] May 24th 2005 was my hire date at Starbucks.

[Life on Henderson Street.] Spent the summer living in Columbia at an awesome apartment on Henderson Street, near Five Points. Friends became family and The Porch Society lit the night.

[Fourth year in college. Moved to West One.] Completed my forth year in college, my second year at CIU. Also moved to West One. Lived with roommates Matt Fink and Rich Zuch- my first time ever having roommates during my college career.

[Mono.] Need I say more? Six weeks of being sick as hell.

[Moved into ThePlex.] December 15th marked the day that Joel and I moved into ThePlex, my new home here off of North Main here in Columbia. This place has quickly become home and a welcome place for friends and family.

Now with 2005 beind, we move into 2006. I pray that this coming year will be a year of moving to simplicity and a year of living in deep, connected community.


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  1. ~*Becca*~ says:

    You are so cool 🙂

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