Leasing Rest

I signed the lease today. A one two bedroom, one bathroom apartment will soon be my new home on Fairfield Road here in Columbia. While it will start with a humble beginning– walls begging for color and floors that need to be covered with warmth area rugs provide– soon, December 15th to be exact, it will become home to myself and my new roommate Joel Boyce. Many of you may remember Joel from our summer outings— most commonly the Porch Society. That too will return in December. Only this time with a real porch and a permanent home.

You also may have not heard that I am officially decided to take a semester away from CIU, therefore I will not be returning in the Spring. Instead I will simply be “living life,” to put it in the words of Pastor Winn Collier. Live life with simplicity immersed in community. I would covet you prayers as I make this awesome transition from student to— employee and one who is resting, living life together with those around me. Living in simplicity.

Time for bed. Thanksgiving Break was not as restful as desired. Classes resume tomorrow morning at 9:25a.


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  1. ~*Becca*~ says:

    Although my heart is sad to hear of you not returning next semester it is balanced with the excitment of you finally getting an apartment!! I cannot wait to hear more about it and maybe seeing it?!?!?! And no worries, for I am confident that once you put your expertise of designing at work your apartment will look glorious!! Hope to talk to you soon 🙂

  2. Lou says:

    Yeeee Haaa!!! Welcome to healing!!!

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