Prayer Day and Thoughts on Homosexuality

Prayer Day at CIU started this evening. It hasn’t been overly missions focused as most have been before. The focus for this one is simply to “Love God and Love Others.” Simple. Yet- harder than what one would often think.I think it is easy to give out “shit love.” Sounds harsh. (And the Bible College kid just cussed too!) But seriously, how often do we tell someone that we love them? It’s just become an expression. A cute, nice, and even the Christian thing to say. But what about when everything is open and exposed? What about the person who confesses that he or she is struggling with ______. I think on this campus the main one would be homosexuality. If someone admits to struggling with it- would we still love them completely? I honestly think more people would run… They would probably treat the person like he had the plague or something. It already pisses me off that when we think something is stupid we respond with “that’s gay…” Oh come on. It’s stupid. Not gay.Another example: What about the chick in my Humanities class that is struggling with cutting herself every night when her roommate is gone to work because she has a low self image? What about her? Are we still going to love her the same?I think sadly that the amount of love we have for a person often depends on what we can get out of them or if it is convenient for us to love them. And what about loving someone unconditionally? I think that is a whole other post in itself. Surely we believe that Christ loves us unconditionally? Or do we? I know I don’t. What about this sin…. It’s too big for grace to cover and surely Christ can’t love me because of it. Unconditional love through HIM. It’s really there. It’s TRUTH.   REFLECTIVE THOUGHT: Lord, help me understand fully how much YOU love me and then through that understanding love others.


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  1. Janie says:

    I think about the sermon we shared at the Summit God a sin is a sin is a sin. That is pretty powerful. it made me look inward at some of the things I do, realizing there was more sin in my life than I thought. I wanted to change things so I was more pleasing to my heavenly Father. It made me want to be softer on other people and always remember I am not the judge on anyone and their behavior/ God has the last word. my mind goes to David a man after God’s own heart, all the mistakes/sins/ he made, but God loved him all the time. through all the sin, he was still a man after God’s own heart. I want to be a woman after God’s heart, I have a long ways to go, but pray for me and I’ll pray for you.

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