Back From My MonoVacation

Yeah. I’ve been gone from the CIU campus for a little over a week now. It was kind of nice. Seeing doctors daily. Trips to the hospital to get pumped full of fluids, only to puke them up afew hours later. Now on the upside, mom was there to take care of me and nurse me back to health… or at least back to as good as health can be right now. Most days I slept until 3p or 4p.

Now I am back at CIU. I have been thinking a lot in recent days about family. High Point, NC family. Clemson, SC family. Columbia, SC family. Each different. Each unique. Each for a different time in my life. Tonight I truly miss my Clemson family. I long for some of those relationships to be there right now. Gonna make some phone calls tomorrow. Talk with a few people from Clemson. I hate that when you move you often loose some awesome relationships. Family.

I have two more weeks of being on Starbucks Partner Leave… In other words: I am to sick to work so Starbucks is going to keep my job secure and pay me part of my salary. Trying to make the most of the remaining two weeks by getting homework caught up and sleeping. I also want to try to connect with some of the guys here on campus and work on deepening our relationships.

Prayer Day Thursday and Friday. No class on Friday. One of the amazing perks of going to a Bible College. Pray that I would see how the LORD is going to restore and renew my life. Pray for wisdom to speak and share my story when GOD wants me to. Pray for honestly and openness at the right moments.

Peace of CHRIST to you.


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  1. ~*Becca*~ says:

    James, I am sooo happy that you are ok 🙂 God is going to use all of this, and I believe He is showing Himself to you even through you illness 🙂 Cannot wait to see you!! We need to hang out some open dorms, HAVE COFFEE, and just chill 🙂 miss you

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