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The Dell finally sold on eBAY last week for a whopping $350. Not much considering new it was over $1,000. I completed my first eBAY sale, which by the way– eBAY and PayPal both make way to much money off of their sites users, I think to sell the computer on eBAY was about $7 and then a nominal percentage of the profit. PayPal also hit me with service fees totaling over $12. Sucks. I guess the power of selling something worldwide in my underwear, in my dormroom does cost a bit. Oh well. It sold. I shipped it. The guy in KY who bought it is happy.

My “new” iBook came in this past Tuesday as well. Even though it is not brand new and the fastest thing on the market, I love it. It works perfectly for me and not to metion I saved a few hundred dollars. It is going to take a while to learn the new operating system, but I think that over time I will be glad I made the change. Graphically it is much cleaner than PC, as well as it is much faster and simpler in operation.

It has just been over a week since I was diagnosed with mono. After seeing my doctor two weeks ago, I decided to go to Baptist Hospital to have everything checked out again and I thought I was also dehydrated. After drawing a lot of blood from me and running several tests, including strep, flu and mono, the results came back that I have mono. Medically, there is not much that can be done for one with mono. I have been to the hospital three times to be pumped full of fluids again, as I keep getting dehydrated. I also developed an ear infection during the middle of last week. Left ear as usual. On medication for that. This past Thursday I was starting to feel better and was adventuring out to do small things, like check my mail and go to the cafeteria for dinner. I also had started developing a BAD ASS cough. I could feel it all the way in my chest. I swore that it had to be pnenomia. After a sleepless night on Thursday and going on the doctor on Friday, a chest x-ray proved that on top of having mono and an ear infection, I now also have pnenomia in both lungs. I am also on a ton of meds for that, including a high powered cough medication that puts me right to sleep. (Praise God for some sleep!) These meds are the final step before putting me in the hospital. To date I have lost 29lbs. Please pray that I would start recovering quickly. I missed an entire week of school last week and will probably miss a portion of this week. I see the doctor again on Wednesday and will post the outcome then.

Since I am going to be suffering from the symptoms of mono and pneumonia for a while, I have taken “Starbucks Partner Health Leave” for the next month to up to three months. My doctor has already advised me to plan on being out of work for about a month and a half once the initial symptoms lessen, but has said that I may be out of work as long as three months. He only wants me doing what I HAVE to do, nothing more. Sleeping as much as I can when I am not in class or doing homework. “Partner Health Leave” will secure my employment with the company as well as enable me to keep my full medical benefits. That’s good news. I also will continue to get my free pound of coffee each week. And we all know that is VERY GOOD NEWS.


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