Can’t Sleep

I can’t sleep tonight. Matt is sleeping in his bed under the loft… I crawled into my “cave” for a while and couldn’t turn the thoughts off in my head. Rich is still up playing a game on the computer. I am sleepy, but have to be up at 4:30a for work. Not sure if I will go back to bed or pull an allnighter.

Still no bids on my computer that I am trying to sell on EBay. I really want this Mac I found from a dealer here in Columbia. I can’t afford a new one, so I am going the refurbished route. Hope it is a good choice.

Been thinking a lot about the victims of Hurricane Katina. The pictures are moving, I held the hand of a woman lost everything because of the hurricane. Thursday I, along with several others from CIU volunteered for about five hours at the old Navy Base here in Columbia. The Red Cross has taken over the place and are using it as a processing center to bring in victims of the storm, help them fill out paper work and get medical care, as well as clothing. They are then provided with temporary housing here in Columbia. Temporary being the key word. I think all of the immediate help is great, but what happens a few months from now? What will happen to the family that I worked with Thursday that was rescued from on top of their home just a day earlier by a helicoptor. I would think, and from the tears in her eyes I believe it to be true– Starting over is not easy. Being in a new place surrounded by strange faces… Not knowing where Main Street is… Or even knowing where your next meal will come from. These people have been left with nothing. The pictures speak 1000 words. Imagine the emotional shit these people are walking through. Yet, the lady I met Thursday still had faith. Still believed in God. Still. I don’t completely understand. Hopefully I left her encouraged. I know I was encouraged by her faithfulness and desire to press on and press into Him during this time of crisis.


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  1. ~*Becca*~ says:

    Wow James, those are some intense pictures. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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