Almost Thursday

It wasn’t Porch Society, but it was good to hang out and have dinner with Joel tonight. We hit Starbucks to get him a job application then when to Marble Slab for some pre-dinner icecream. Then back to the house for a wonderfully healthy and yummy dinner of fresh veggies and chicken.

I meet with the CIU Academic Dean tomorrow (Thursday) to talk about my course selection for this fall. After a rough semester last fall and still having a few bumps in the road this past spring, I want to make sure I am choosing the right course load and comdination of courses for this fall. I figured he could probabaly point me in the right direction more than anyone else. Wish me luck. I meet with him tomorrow at 10:30a.

Friday I will spending the day in Augusta, GA working at Starbuck’s newest location. The store has been slammed with new customers and they have asked me to come down and work for the day. What the heck- Starbucks is paying for my gas down and back and paying me overtime for the trip… Pretty good deal.

Hey- let me know what you think of this new Blog Spot site. I have not received any feedback or comments since moving my blog to this location. I think it looks a lot better…. Not to mention now that I have Photo Shop I am going to be including more graphics and photos.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    James… I am not a blogger… BUT, since you asked for a comment, I will leave one. Hey… Have you been thinking about our future business venture??? StarPuGet???!!!???


  2. Luke says:

    Nice new look James.

  3. Anonymous says:

    James Combs… you came to georgia and didn’t swing by Atl to see me? Well I found your blog and it does look mighty nice, or shall I say nifty. Although being a Caribou Coffee employee I am not a Starbucks fan but I think my taste is just aquired to free coffee. I don’t like paying for it like I have to at Starbucks.

    I’m really excited to be comming back and seeing you, man! I just got xanga this summer. (yourhomedawg) very ghetto name… I love it. Check it out in like a week and I should have a lot of pictures up there… (usually more interesting than words.)

    Hey are you in the discipling youth class this semester… and have you finished all your west. civ. stuff from last fall? If not I could fly you through that course.


    By the way… listen to my mom’s encouragement to me about depression: Shit Happens. I was like oh thanks mom. And so it does. haha

  4. Penelope says:

    Hey James.
    Ahh, it’s good to see people convert to Blogging. Well ok, so you’re not a convert, but I can always hope. Your room always looks fabulous and somehow that would carry over into your blog layouts. Keep pressing on!

    “flower child”

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