Day 22 In Review

I started being 22 off right, sleeping until 11am. Bill called and said that he was going to be coming up from Atlanta where he had been taking care of his mom, traveling back to Lexington, NC. He ever so kindly took Page, Kristen and I out to lunch at Olive Garden. (One of my favorite restruarants. After lunch, Page, Kristin and I went to run some errands around Cola, stopping at Publix to pick up my Madagascar themed birthday cake.

I received two international phone calls wishing me happy birthday. One from Luke Syfert in India. He is overseas doing international counseling work with children and teens. I will post some of his e-mails and prayer requests later. The other phone call was from Rich Zuch in Austria. He is there with his family for the remainder of the summer. Both calls were a total suprise and made my birthday even better.

Back home. Shower. Dinner. Time for the show.

Business Like Trio played one amazing show at New Brookland Tavern in downtown Columbia. Joel Boyce and the boys brought it and the crowd went wild… Well… The High School girls went wild. I think I was the only person there over 21 (other than adults). Good times though.

Joel bought me a hamster today for my birthday. She doesn’t have a name yet. I guess it is a “she.” We looked for a penis and can’t find one, but she/it is rather young still. E-mail me at if you have name ideas. Names such as “Furry” or “Peanut” will be ignored.

Now back at the house on this Monday evening. Watching she/it (the hamster) adjust to its new home. Joel, Page, Kristin and I are going to spend the day in Charleston tomorrow. I will post pics upon our return. One more day Starbucks free. It has been great having time off from work. This soon will end and it will be back to the morning shift.


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