On My Side

AM Edition | Happenings from the Morning

Life comes at you fast. It’s good to know that NationWide is on my side.

So today I was in my first car accident. If you are framilar with the Columbia Five Points area, it happened on Devine in front of Bank of America. It was raining hard– and I pulled out from the bank to turn left onto Devine. A car, a very nice car at that, came flying over the hill, not obeying the 25 mile per hour speed limit (or paying attention to the fact that there is construction going on AND it was raining). Needless to say, the driver hit the front of my car. I just sat there in my car (saying a few choice words both in my head and aloud). I was unsure of what to do so I called 911. Then I called my NationWide Agent, who was so kind and stayed on the phone with me until the police came and things got taken care of. In the end, there was no damage to my car or the other driver’s car and no charges were pressed. My back is a little stiff, but I think I will be fine.

I am on vacation for the next few days, taking some time off for my 22nd Birthday. Today I slept late, went to a doctors appointment, went to the bank, got in a car accident, and cooked me lunch then went to Starbucks for coffee… Look for PM Edition later today.
PM Edition | Happenings from the Evening

So, then tonight. I pretty much just sat around the house and did nothing until Joel came over. We decided to cook some frozen pizzas. Sounds like an easy process huh? HELL NO. There was already a pizza pan being stored in the oven. The oven had been preheating therefore the pan was about 400 degrees. I told Joel to, since I don’t have any potholders in the apartment, to use one of my Starbucks aprons to take the pan out. I thought he would double up the apron, maybe even tripple it to avoid burning himself. Of course he didn’t– Equaling one hell of a burn on his finger.

We used everything from frozen peaches and strawberries to frozen pork chops to ice his burnt finger. The final result was us driving to my Starbucks and me stealing some burn cream we use at work. I think that must have helped because he stopped complaining.

We came back to the house and started watching Life as a House. Soon we both feel asleep… I think it was all the Blue Juice I had drank that did me in.


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