Thoughts from 2004

>>April 25th, 2004
As of tonight, I will be taking some time off of here, my internet journal to focus more on getting my thoughts and prayers down on paper. God has called me to deeper intimacy with Him in my journaling, and in order to do this, I must step away from writing on here for now. I will still update my site quite often, but most major writings will be on the home page. Look for my thoughts and prayers again, sometime in the future.


>>April 19th, 2004
Only a few weeks left. It is hard to believe that there are less than three weeks left before the end of the semester. My time here at SWU is quickly coming to an end. The work has been stacked on and in the middle of transition to Indiana for the summer, things have become stressful. God, you continue to lead and guide me day by day, showing me what is right. The friendships here in Central and Clemson run deep, so leaving here is going to be hard. Thank you Lord for deep friendships that will last a lifetime.

>>April 4th 2004
Where to start. Just got back from hosting a retreat at Table Rock Camp here in SC. It is a major part of a class grade for Youth Camps and Retreats. We had about 30 teens at the camp. I spoke on “The Road to New Life” Saturday night. Over all, it was a very successful weekend.
On Tuesday I will be traveling to Columbia International University in Columbia, SC to tour the campus and meet with Admissions. I am looking to transfer to CIU next fall and major in Bible and Youth Ministry as well as minor in Graphics and Video Production. It’s an exciting time, looking a different colleges. I know it is time to make a transition, but there is also a fear in doing so. It is also going to be very tough leaving behind my friends from SWU and my DCF family.
Matt and I talked on the phone for a while tonite. We have been friends for the past four years, and it is amazing how far our friendship has come during that time. It is even more amazing how much he and I have grown in the Spirit and our walk with God.
The DCF Maundy Thursday service will be held at SWU’s Bryant Lodge on Thursday night at 11pm. This is always the best service of the year. I am headed home for Easter on Friday until Monday evening.
Crazy week ahead. There is comfort in knowing God is in control over everything. He has already won every victory for us. He is more than enough for all of me.
>>March 30th 2004
I am sorry for those of you this offends but the past two weeks have been CRAPPY. There is simply no other way to put it. Most of the campus here knows about my roommate Nathan and I getting in trouble with Student Life. Well, for those of you who don’t, here is what happend.
Last Monday night Ty, Nathan and I were being normal guys (at least that is what we thought until we met with Student Life) and were wrestling here in the apartment. Nathan and I got a bit out of control, threw some punches (actually just two) and then realized things were out of control. We then stopped and went to our rooms. Next thing I knew, our RA, Wes was down and writing us up for fighting. (Neither Nathan or I reported it, nor did we plan on reporting it.) I had to fight with Student Life to allow me to continue and interview for the RA Application process. They did however allow me to interview.
The University decided to make a huge deal out of the whole situation, considering what happened “assult and disorderly conduct.” Nathan and I ended up meeting with Student Life Monday. After going round and round during the meeting, trying to get them to see that guys do have horomones and wrestle and we did control ourselves, we ended up with a warning in our files.
No one would tell me how this would affect the RA selection process. Well, today I found out. I was NOT selected to be an RA next year. However, I was encouraged to “continue to mature in areas that will assist you in being effective as a leader. We encourage you to stay involved in campus activities, pursue scholarship and academic excellence as well as persist in growing spiritually.” WOW. Aight.
Well, I had planned on doing a “MY THOUGHTS” part, but I really don’t knwo what to write. I am ticked that this university would make such a huge deal out of something so minor. I am ticked that they would not consider my character in the dealings of this situtation.
That’s all.

>>March 21st 2004

Back after a good weekend at home. Mom and I worked in the yard for countless hours. I honestly must say that having a yard, with nice green grass, all mowed in perfect staight lines; nicely mulched flower beds with plants in bloom… Yeah, I miss all that. It was nice to play in the dirt and get my hands dirty… Not to mention hurt my back lifting bag after bag of topsoil.

Dad and I went out to dinner Saturday night.

Good conversation with friends and family on my cell during the drive back. Little known fact: Did you know that last month I talked on my cell more than 20 hours? WOW! Communications freak huh?

Now back home at SWU. Unpacked. Ready for the week ahead. Including a job interview Wednesday with Student Life about a RA postion.

Off to bed now. Will write more later this week.


>>March 18th 2004

Going home for the weekend.

God is speaking something to me though Nalgene bottles… Not sure exactly what it is… Waters of forgiveness and healing. I will write more later.


>>March 15th 2004

Not a ton to say tonight. Spooner and I hung out tonight after DEEPER. (“Sing with your eyes and close your hearts.” -Spoon) Another week of classes awaits me starting at 9.25am. Headed home to NC this weekend for some quality time with the parents. Josh will be in FL on Senior Trip. I made it through Round One of RA Applications. I was offered an interview, which I will do in the next week or so… Be praying that all goes well.

DCF was good this morning. We move into our new location under the Keith Street in about two weeks!

I am off to bed.


>>March 10th 2004

I’m an uncle… Again. My step-sister, Wendy Singleton, gave birth to Hunter Carson Singleton on March 10th around 7:30pm. All the excitement took place at Thomasville Hospital in Thomasville, NC. He weighed in at 8lbs. 2oz. Congratulations Wendy!


>>March 10th 2004

Spring Break.


>>February 19th 2004

When I agreed to come to Southern Wesleyan University, I came expecting to get a “quality education, from a Christian perspective.” In my heart, I knew that SWU was where God has called me, but never did I expect it to become home like it has over the past two years. God has blessed me with deep, connected relationships, not only with people on this campus, but with people from the neighboring university, Clemson. In many ways, we are living life together. Sharing the hard times, the joyous time. Seeking the face of God together. Isn’t that what life is about?


>>February 9th 2004

Guess who I got a note from in the mail today… LUKE SYFERT! Today has been an awesome day. God continues to speak to me on my worth to Him as His child.


>>February 8th 2004

Went home with Adam this past weekend. I took us a total of about five hours to make the what should have been four hour trip though Charlote to High Point, NC. The rain poured. Once we arrive, Adam and I had dinner with my dad and stepmother, Judy. God continues to work in some awesome ways, bringing my family closer together.

I spent most of the day Saturday and a good bit of the day Sunday with mom. My little brother, Josh, is eager and ready to graduate from Wesleyan, but is still unsure of the journey that lies ahead. I had noticed a lot of change for the better in him in recent weeks and am praying that God will continue to work in his life. Church was good. I had lunch Sunday with mom’s Sunday School Class… Shout out’s to the ladies… Thanks for a good lunch and for blessing me in the way you did Sunday. You are awesome women of God and I respect you for it.

I got back down to SWU late Sunday night. It is good to know you are home… Southern is exactly where God wants me right now. I really feel that I could end up working here once I graduate.

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